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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

They are stacking up!

Since I'm spending time with my koi, the weekly plein air paintings are stacking up, waiting to be finished.  Since I have been pushing myself by doing larger work, I don't complete them on site!

So I decided to post these untitled, unfinished pieces anyway.  Maybe I can embarrass myself into making time to finish them!!!  Ha-ha!

Three weeks ago we were at Fort Churchill near Lake Lahontan (east of Carson City, NV).  It was an interesting place.

Two weeks ago we were at Evans Canyon nature trail, near Rancho San Rafael Park in Reno.  I was surprised to learn these large "crawling trees" were very old willows - the same willows that look like bushes along creeks.

The other day we were at Virginia City.  This is looking up the hill at the back of the row of old buildings on Main Street.  Although there were cars and trucks parked along the lower road there, I decided to eliminate them


Ida M. Glazier said...

You have been busy!I like the fort Churchill painting - -interesting view. I saw the one Ray had done with you that day - -I would like to go out there! Are you thinking about Jean Legassick's this summer? or this fall, in October? Thaleia is having her in Hope valley in August----check out her website!!!!

Carolyn Jean Thompson said...

Hi Ida, I'm afraid I can't make the LeGassick workshops. Hope you can go.