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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Back to art school (at home)

Left:  "Inner Harbor" by Paul Starrett Sample 34 x 36 (1896-1974)
Right:  a section of this painting copied by me (9x12)

Every artist reaches a comfort zone at some point, where we are happy with what we are doing and how our art is coming out.  But, now and then, we feel a desire to learn something new, or maybe even - something old.  Something to challenge ourselves.

I've always wanted to do a series of studies or copies of paintings I admire by masters or contemporary artists whose art I love.  Copying art of others has been done for centuries.  It is how people learned before books with color photographs and DVDs and YouTube videos.  As long as one does not sell or profit financially from the copying of a work, and credit is given to the artist, one will not infringe on the copyrights of other artists.  Usually, permission is asked of the artist whose work is represented, but since I am showing both my rendition and a scanned image from a book - together - and recognition is made to the artist - I hope this will suffice.

To ensure that my copy work never leaves my studio, I have painted on a textured oil painting paper, and I will not be displaying this work on my website.  This blog, however, I feel is a way to share my journey as an artist which includes the learning process.

This challenge I gave myself was a more interesting way to practice mixing oil paints to match something in particular - in this case, the color of the area of the other artist's work.  Also, it challenged me to see if I could paint very similar shapes and sizes and get to a point where my study resembles the other artist's work.

Above:  copy by me - oil on paper 9x12
Below:  "Pinnacle Rock, Utah" by Franz Bischoff 24 x 30 (1928)
Franz Bischoff started out as an accomplished ceramic painter - especially roses in watercolor.  Once he came to California with his family, he also painted in oil - landscapes and still lifes.  I love all his work.  I thought this painting would be easy for me since it had large shapes, but it was still hard to get the subtle changes in colors he created.
Above:  copy by me - oil on paper 9x12
Below: a section of "Begonias" by Richard Schmid 8 x 16, 2003
I have two of Richard Schmid's books:  Alla Prima II and the Companion Book.  I love his work and wish I could take a workshop from him.
Above:  copy by me - oil on paper 9x12
Below:  "Zorro" by Richard Schmid 20 x 30 , 2008
I have never owned a cat, nor do I have access to one to paint.  So, therefore, I don't have any experience painting or drawing cats!  But, I loved Richard Schmid's painting so much I wanted to try it.  I love his loose alla prima application and his books.  I plan to get a DVD of his in the future.

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