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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Lake Tahoe Cove, continuing...

Before the T-showers came, I had to check on my buddy, Casey. I haven't seen him since I went to New Mexico. He made it known he missed me...with a pretend nip. Next, I cut some roses, then picked some of our strawberries growing under the rose bushes...very...carefully....before the Robin pecks holes in them, and the family of quail with little peeping chickies find them. Got the easle up on the kitchen table under the skylight and did some more on this painting to my "mood" music. The sky opened up and poured on us, the rain drumming so hard on the skylight my "mood" music was drowned out. Oh, well. I hope it is raining this hard over Lake Tahoe. It is low this year. We can really use the rain.

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