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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Before finishing "Early Snow" - a pastel - guess what I did????

Yep! I shoveled snow! We got hammered here in Reno yesterday and the previous night. Today I dug out my Subaru on the driveway ... and then the walkway and the rest of the driveway. My reward was to indulge in the chocolate chip cookies my husband made yesterday! Forget the calories - I think I burned off a few.

Then I did the finishing touches on "Early Snow". I had fun with this painting. Now to plan for the next painting ...


ti-igra said...

You fellow!
You truly feel the snow, you were with him alone, when you clear the snow . Maybe he told you something interesting :)
Ilove this picture! It is interesting to consider the picture.
Snow falls like layers one over another. Fluffy layer of snow :)

ti-igra said...

hi, Caroline! :))
This blog comment is only one path to tell you.
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I have a CD with ukrainian Christmas Carols. My friends from concervatory sing songs without music. I painted and design this CD :) And I will be very happy to give you this present!
here my E-mail:

You can just write me an mail item and I will send a packet on your name :)
I afraid that you may think that I have a plan. No, I really want to send you present and I want to share with you a pleasant.
I live in Kyiv, capital of Ukraine.
I wait for your letter and I wish you a wonderful new creations!

LIZ said...

Good work Carolyn! This is so pretty! It makes me shiver to see all that snow.