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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

First Snow - a watercolor painting

Even though I will be doing a pastel show of 20 paintings, I still love watercolor, even if it is unpredictable for me. So, to get my fix, and still prepare for my show, I plan to do the first version of each painting in watercolor. That will give me the opportunity to work out any composition and value problems full size. It will also give me a goal to try to keep my pastel a little bit loose and fresh, like the watercolor version.

Here is my first painting. We had some snow over the Thanksgiving weekend in Truckee, CA. This is the view from our livingroom window. The sun came out and the snow started to fall and melt off the trees. I incorporated some of the techniques I learned in Lian Zhen's workshop.

I'm going to use this painting in my own holiday greeting card this year.


Sharon said...

Okay, this speaks to me - I love it.

ti-igra said...

This will be a wonderful Christmas gift-card, Carolyn! :))
Yes, I see that snow stay on fir. And there away when the sunlight - trees are green :) and snow have so warm and soft color.
You had wonderful Thanksgiving! With so fairy weather. And I think that so nice to see it from own window! :)

I love your picture and wish you interesting landscapes and weather's presents!