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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Same Scene - Different Technique!

"Mountain Shower"

This time, I did the spray bottle and splattering for the sky.  I did less manipulation and let the clouds form themselves.  I did some spray bottle and splatter and blowing for the land and trees.  It does give a fresher and looser look.  Now I will dig out my pastels and do a pastel version next go-around.


ti-igra said...

Hi, Carolyn!
You done very good work! Your clouds very live. It seems that the clouds are floating on us in our direction. And they float away, rising up over our heads!
I look forward to your pastels, Carolyn!!! :)))

Carolyn said...

Hi Ti-igra,
Thanks! I visited your blog. I'm sorry, I still don't know how to do the google translater once I'm there - to see what you have written. Did you change the portrait to make a yellow background by using the computer? Very interesting effect!

ti-igra said...

At first I chose a bright yellow paper and painted in pastel and pen portrait of Van Gogh. Scanned. My scanner did a wonderful thing. It scanned two versions with different twists. I decided that second picture a little change even in color. And it is easy to do if you have a program Photoshop. You choose Image/Adjustments/Photo Filter and there you may choose your color gamut as you want! :-)
I would be happy if it somehow will be useful for you!

Carolyn said...

I've never done anything like that with a scanner. But I do have photoshop now. Thanks for sharing your technique!

ti-igra said...

Hi, Carolyn!
I use a scanner because I have not photo camera :-) Sometimes it is very necessary when the picture is big. But if it not big it is very easy to use scanner. It reflects very well the graphics.
I very glad that story about the program become a useful for you!

Euphoria said...

Yesssssss, this is the kind of watercolor I like, when water makes its own job, and everything is soooo impredictible. Good work, C!