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Thursday, January 28, 2010

"Autumn in the Mountains" ... Feels good to be satisfied with it!

I finished it, I signed it, I am satisifed with it!  This painting had many different stages.  It was a nice enough painting at different times in the process, but something wasn't right for me, so I kept plugging away, changing, changing.  Luckily, the surface allowed this.  This is done on Pastelbord.  This painting gave me the opportunity to work on clouds.  It wasn't easy, to say the least.  But it was a fun challenge and I'd like to do more cloudscapes. 

We've had a few weeks of dreary grey skies here - snow, rain, sleet.  Today the sun came out, and there is some blue skies and puffy clouds!  It is so uplifting!  Makes me so happy!

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