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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

"Two Turtles" - Working in Colored Pencil

I want very much to paint, I am inspired by my new art magazines that came in the mail, I'm inspired by the artist blogs I have been following, and I'm inspired by the folks that share their art on  But, alas,  life has been keeping me away from it.  My car was vandalized by a serious rock-thrower, and my Mom has needed help finding the elusive items that are somewhere in one of 50 or so boxes in storage ... so, I've decided, once again, to share old work in my sketchbook for now.

Since I've enjoyed seeing the Leatherback turtles recently, I remember doing Hawaiin Loggerhead Turtles in colored pencils.  These are Prismacolor Premium (wax based) color pencils.  Let me tell you, I TOTALLY ADMIRE the artists that do work totally in these pencils.  This drawing of the "Two Turtles" took FOREVER!  To get a certain color, like the dark almost black color on the turtle's scales, I must have used dark green, marroon, dark blue, dark purple, dark red - layer over layer. 

Sometimes I really enjoy detail (with a capital "D"!)  Colored pencils give me this opportunity.  If you'd like to see some really awesome colored pencil work - visit and visit the Colored Pencil section.  There is some amazing work in there.

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ti-igra said...

Hello, Carolyn!
It does not matter when you draw! It's drawn by you and this work is entitled to have seen it for all! Because she is very beautiful!
This picture about love and clean deep :-)
Thank you, Carolyn!

It is bad story about your machin and problems...
But remember that all ill suddenly will be ended!