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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hawaiian Bouquet - colored pencils over watercolor

After doing the turtles, I decided to try another technique - doing a watercolor painting first, then doing colored pencils (again the wax based kind) over it.  This worked very, very nice and speeded up the process of the work.  Then I worked on burnishing (going over a penciled area with a clear or lighter color pencil to give a polished look).  This was a fun project.  I think I captured the shine of the Antheriums (the red heart shaped flower.


ti-igra said...

Wou! :-)
Carolyn, this is the very beatiful Hawaiian bouquet! And so realistic!
These red flowers are very realistic, I like very much how you colored them! Delicately blends nicely in the shadows and light! Wonderful harmonious color transitions from warm to cool.
And I really like how you draw a flower stamen. Fantastically. Hard work!
In my childhood I remember these flowers on my window :-)
But I don't know this plant with rounded pits.

Carolyn said...

Hi Tiagra, thanks, I'm happy you like this drawing. The brown seed pod is from a lotus flower. I actually have never seen a lotus flower! But the seed pods are found in some flower arrangements. They are very interesting looking and it was fun to draw!

ti-igra said...

Thank you, Carolyn :-) Now I know that this strange flower - lotus seed!
I always imagine lotus as a biiig flower and now I know that this is a true because his seed big too! :-)