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Friday, April 23, 2010

Tiny eggs

Yeah, I know, this is not painting.  But, too cute.  My little silverbill finches are first-time nesters.  This is the first batch of "duds".  I took the eggs out and washed the nest, put it back in, gave them some more nesting material, and the next day they started a new clutch.  What to do with such tiny eggs?  Put them in my pine-needle basket, of course!

The snow and rain storm blew away, and today was 65 degrees and sunny and clear and calm!  It was "Mom" day.  I took her on a drive, then had lunch in my backyard, listening to all the wild birds sing and collect grasses for their nests.  We sat outside with our pets in our laps, her dog in hers, my bunny Miss Lucky in mine.  It was a lovely "Mom" day.


Euphoria said...

They are so small...
I see you like animals a lot. We have something else in common!

ti-igra said...

Carolyn! So beautiful!
Nature is always around you! If you're not in the forest, you hear and see it in your house! I think that this love of the world - all around!
You and your mom - a very good mothers, a particle of the Nature!
My greetings!!!! :-)
I wish you health and peace!