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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Zen Moment - watercolor peacefulness

I am on a roll for finishing old projects!  I dug a watercolor done in class two or three years ago, that there was no time to finish, and the teacher owned the photographic references.  Here is what I have added today - the lower corner.  Working without the original photo, I'm free to experiment with my own feelings.  I even added two fish.  Below I will share the unfinished work in class - very pale and only the first layer of paint.  I think the flower was white originally.  It is a dreary grey day, it rained all night.  Another good day to stay in and paint.


ti-igra said...

This is magnificent watercolor, Carolyn! :-)
I admire it as the fish swim slowly in a transparent water! Everything breathes of peace! I want to be the fish that swims there :-)

Euphoria said...

Oh, this is beautiful, C! Did I mention I love flowers?
I love this watercolour, and I see some contrast again, definition against free water just doing its job.
Both rain and snow can be very inspiring! =)

Carolyn said...

Thank you E & T!!!

LIZ said...

Glad to see you are working again. Beautiful watercolor! Bet you are feeling better now!

Carolyn said...

Yes, it does feel better to be painting again!