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Sunday, April 25, 2010

What is this under my water tap?

I went to water my backyard, and as I reached down to turn on the water tap, a bird flew out and surprised me!  I spread the mint plants away and looked under, and there were quail eggs in a little depression in the leaves!!!  Not a great place - my water tap leaks right on them.  I will check to see if she figured this out or is still going to go for it - quail can lay up to 15 eggs!  I hear her and her mate calling and calling - she wants me to leave so she can come back to her nest.  Ah, spring!  full of life everywhere!


Euphoria said...

You are so lucky to have nature right there, next to you!
I see my little girl growing up in the city and it´s impossible for me not to remember my amazing childhood in Patagonia, climbing trees, riding bikes out on the streets with my brothers, walking with our dogs in the woods, skiing, trekking, camping, fishing...
Something so small and wonderful like your experience with these birds and their eggs can be really meaningful for a child.
I liked this post very much!

Carolyn said...

Patagonia! Wow! What a fantastic place to grow up. Maybe when your little girl gets older, you and your family can vacation outside the city so you can show her the world of nature. I too had to bring my children up in the city. Fortunately, my parents and my brother and sister still enjoyed camping in the forest closest to our San Francisco Bay Area location. So my kids still got a taste of nature on family camp-outs. Today my daughter is 30 years old, and she and her husband just went camping for a week. So, it worked!

ti-igra said...

Yes! Carolyn! This spring all born around and we also breathe a new air!
I noticed something today, as the birds sing clearly, it is today! I think it is mutual love of birds and you! They settle closer to you!

I see we all really like to be near to trees, to drive a bike and spend the night in the woods! :-)

I grew up in rural areas, toured the forest by bicycle every day; in the morning, when I went to the school through the forest - seen rays make the way between trees and shine like dew on the spider's web between branches! This is great! I feel I am a little druid:)

Thank U, Carolyn for this sincere post! :-)
I really enjoy it! And how comment Kira! I saw photos of Patagonia! Something miracle! Wow!
Life is beautiful!!!

Carolyn said...

Yes, Ti-igra, nature is special. You enjoy it to - riding your bike, and seeing beautiful things. There are so many people who go through life and do not notice the dew on spiderwebs shining like jewels. It is a pity they miss it.