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Saturday, February 19, 2011

"Quiet Finale" pastel painting

Palm trees sway in the gentle breeze.  The ocean calms and swishes the broken coral and lava rock around the beach.  The lava rock peaks out over the gentle waves.  We drink it in and wait for the elusive green flash ....  (memoirs of vacation days in Hawaii)


ti-igra said...

Your memories give for us a sense of warmth, comfort!
Carolyn, this is a great picture - And I can not stop to admire it!
Amazing colors and your beautiful story!
I see the world in which I have never been! Thank youuuU!

I Love to hear and look :-)))) GREAT!!!!!

Carolyn said...

Thank you Ti-Igra!

Euphoria said...

Sounds and looks amazing!
We are at the beach too, but we do not have palm trees here, just dunes, sand and wild waves. We are staying for a few days near the atlantic and I´m working on something that I will show you soon.

Carolyn said...

Hi Kira! Enjoy the beach for me, and I look forward to seeing your next painting!