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Thursday, February 17, 2011

When this painting is done I will call it "Koi Swirl"

This painting is almost done.  I'm taking a break.  It is snowing outside and my feet are cold!  Maybe I'll light a fire in the fireplace!

I've been working on this mixed media painting for a week now.  Some folks at Wet Canvas in the Colored Pencil Forum really liked my previous Koi Pond painting and wanted me to do a WIP (work in progress) post to describe my process.  I just finished posting about 10 pictures of this painting in progress there.  If you would like to see it, go to .  You don't have to join to visit and look.  Go to the list of forums and look for Colored Pencils.  Then, click on Colored Pencils again in the short list on the left.  My entry is called "WIP of another Koi Pond" (or something like that).


Sharon said...

I love the development in your work. Melissa and I have a field trip planned to the artists' coop - perhaps one day I'll come home with something of yours?

Linda said...

Carolyn, this is wonderful, and you are on the right track using colored pencils, watercolor pencils, and watercolors together...this is I think the very best way to use colord pencils! Well done!

Carolyn said...

Thanks Sharon and Linda!

ti-igra said...

My congratulations, Carolyn!
Sorry that sooo late, but anyway I want to tell you: GREAT! I saw the processe in Wet Canvas forums. This is a sooo big work done buy you! I admire you, my friend! :-)))

I love this picture sooo much! The water, fishes and plants... All is in harmony in one world! This world of all living! You can draw so only if you love all around! :-))))
Thank you for share your process of working with us, Carolyn!
Uhuhuuu! :))))))))))

Carolyn said...

Thank you Ti-Igra! How are you? Is it still winter weather in Ukraine?

ti-igra said...

Oh! :-) Yes- sooo cold and there are ice with snow on the ground. These weeks very cold and today i went from studio and I was snow from head to my feet :-)
Your pastels give me the warm, Carolyn! Thank you? my friend!!!!
Wish you have a great day!!! :-))))