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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Time For Drawing

My daughter is starting to ask me to babysit her baby!  Yay!  We live so close that I can come over for a couple of hours while she goes to yoga class, etc.  Yesterday he was awake and I played with him, changed him, fed him.  Today - he napped while I was there!  I brought my sketchbook and watercolor pencils and photograph and began this drawing while keeping an eye on the little guy.

I have only used watercolor pencils so far.  Tomorrow I will begin to use watercolor over it to give more shape, shadow, color.  This is a picture of a beautiful, ancient California Incense Cedar tree.  There was wolf lichen (a chartreus green lichen) growing on the trunk and dead lower branches.  I saw it last summer while at Richard McKinley's workshop in Hope Valley.  This tree was at 9,000 feet on the Carson Pass.  It had the most amazing trunk and it looked mighty old!


ti-igra said...

Hello, Carilyn!!! :-D
I am sooo happy for you! It is sooo pleasure to sit with baby, you may draw, when he sleep :-))) COOL! And this is so fine to be with small kid, they are cute and beautiful! :-)))

I love your drawings, Carolyn! They are filled with details and colors! I love this biiiig tree! So strong! So beautiful! And thank you for story about it! :-)I enjoy your process!

P.S. Open your mail and get smile! :)

Sharon said...

Oh, that's wonderful - to be so close to enjoy that time. Love the sketch.