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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Going to a plein air workshop with Bill Cone

I'm packing my pastels and sleeping bag - for a 5-day pastel plein air workshop with Bill Cone.  Bill's full time job is an artist at Pixar Studios.  But he is a fantastic pastellist on the side!  See his art on his blog: .  This workshop is taking place at the San Francisco State University Extension Campus in the Sierra Buttes area of the Sierra Nevadas in Northern California (sort of near Sierra City).  The campus is a camp - complete with tents and someone cooks for us at the camp dining room!  I don't know if we get cell service there.  And I don't know if they have wifi for us artists.  So, again, I will post my experience when I get back.  See ya then!


Sharon said...

Have you ever thought about submitting your work to participate in the Artist's Co-op?

Euphoria said...

Cna't wait to see your posts then! Everything sounds great! Good luck and enjoy!