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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

"House in the Forest" Handell Workshop Day 4

On this day, Albert did a paint-along.  If you have never done a paint-along, this is how it goes:  the teacher sets up, paints a subject, and all of the students set up behind him/her and do everything they do - step by step, color by color, stroke by stroke.  So, you try to learn while copying without any talking - just doing.

In this case, there was no room for all of us right behind, so we were at various angles, so, our paintings all had different perspectives of the house.  No matter, it was still interesting.  FYI this was done with a watercolor underpainting, and I did my own variation at the base of the trees.

1 comment:

LIZ said...

Beautiful! You really captured the light & shadows on the house!