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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Off to a pastel plein air workshop with Albert Handell

I am packing for a 5-day workshop to be given by Albert Handell in Grass Valley, California.  Check out his website here:   He does amazing work.  I am really looking forward to:  1) learning lots from a fantastic pastellist; 2) painting again since I haven't had time due to moving; 3) making new art friends, and 4) having a BREAK and a REST from moving!!!

I am staying at someone's home and they do not do computers and internet.  So, I'll take lots of pictures and post them as soon as I get home - along with some descriptions of the week.

See ya then!

1 comment:

Ida M. Glazier said...

Have a wonderful time and can't wait to catch up with ya for the Bill Cone workshop!! You will have much to tell me about Albert's best suggestions for painting!