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Monday, July 18, 2011

"Sketch of a Stream" Handell Workshop Day 3

"Sketch of a Stream"
On the third day, Albert demonstrated a rushing stream and how to do water.  It was fantastic!!!!  So, in the afternoon, we went to a park and I set up by the stream.  I did the watercolor underpainting and it came out almost good enough to leave as is.  Then I added some vine charcoal accents (one of Albert's techniques) and then my first passages of pastel.....when two big dogs splashed into the water right in front of me and tried to run through my tripod holding my pastel box and easle, and stepped in my watercolor palette on the ground!!!!  So, I decided to move out of that location and did not finish this painting....but I kind of like it as it is!  I may use it as a reference and do another in the studio.

1 comment:

ti-igra said...

I love this place with water!!! :) It is sooo realistic! :)))
Ahahahaha! Story about dogs so funny :)They are very cute as a kids!

Waiting for your new stories and pastels, Carolyn! Let the mountains and the grass always helps you!!! :)