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Sunday, June 10, 2012

A home-made wet painting carrier for plein air

I am getting ready to go to a plein air painting workshop.  I am going to paint in oil with the rest of them.  When painting in pastel, you don't have to worry about bringing home a wet painting, but now I do!  Especially when you do plein air and paint more than one painting in one day.

An art teacher and friend of mine, Marilyn Rose, showed me her home-made invention in the back of her car - she used many narrow stationery (writing paper) boxes and taped them together and opened the end so she could slide her painted panels in and they could lie flat and not touch anything.

Well, I just happened to shop at Costco (for my friends around the world, that is a big warehouse store) and got boxes of ziploc bags in large and small.  The box for these were PERFECT for my 8x10 and 9x12 panels!  I cut shelves out of strong cardboard and glued them in place.

So now, I'm ready for action!


ti-igra said...

Dear Carolyn! I feel your joy and happy mood!!! Hurray! Nature is waiting, colors of trees and open sky! :))))) WOW!

How cool!!!!
We are here and waiting too - for your sketches, photoes and interesting stories!!!!

GOOD LUCK, my friend @-->-

Anonymous said...

When you go painting and you hike a half mile from your car, how do you get you wet painting back to your car to put them in this box.

Carolyn Jean Thompson said...

Good question. It is so good, that my next post will talk about two or three methods. Thanks!

Marilyn Rose said...

I made a canvas sling to carry the box in. It's a little cumbersome but my objective was not for major hiking plein air trips but rather for 3 to 5 day workshops where I might have 8 or more small wet oil paintings. The sling closed up to protect them from dust.

Marilyn Rose said...

I made a canvas carrier for the panel holder, It was too cumbersome for long hikes but was geared more for workshops where you're not really that far from the vehicles.