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Saturday, June 2, 2012

A new plein air painting friend

I recently connected with another local artist who is interested as much as I am in plein air painting and getting better.  Here is a painting from our second outing.  Both of us feel a little rusty and the first painting from that outing was not something I wanted to post.  But I'll share this one.

It is of peonies, orange poppies, and a silver colored "Lambs Ears" plant in front.  We enjoyed the Arboretum and the plants that were in bloom and we will go there again to paint.  Lots of big, shady trees to paint under and keep cool from the sudden summer heat.


Euphoria said...

I love these! Nice colours and shapes!

ti-igra said...

I am in love, as Kira!!! :)))
They are very romantic, very alive, Carolyn! I feel this day and your mood!

All our days and minutes are consists from such color momments! :)

The plants on the foreground are looks very sunny! :)