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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Kim's Workshop

My first workshop was one day, given by Kim Lordier. Her subject was how to achieve glowing light. She had three demos of the various direction of light. Here I "attempted" to do the same picture she did in the "back lit" demo, using her photo reference. Of course, mine did not come out anywhere near like hers! But it was a good lesson, and I think I'm getting the idea.
We had the option of using her photos for studying the other two directions of light, but I brought one of my own that showed side lighting. It also had a path in it, which I need help with, and I got some good hints. I enjoyed the workshop very much, and I was pleased the subject was about light, as it is something I was wanting to learn.


LIZ said...

I like the bottom one with the trees. You got the "light" in this one I think.

Mim said...

I'm in love with the colors of the first picture. Never know I was such a pastel person.

Sharon said...

I'm aware when the artist is aware of where the light source comes from. Chiraroscuro in the great artists has always been of interest to me.