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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Slide Mountain Scene

I went to Margot Schulzke's class today. I had some great feedback on my Canyon Shadows painting from last week from Margot and some of my fellow students. Margot made a few suggestions which I made note of. I began a new work today in class of a cottage. I only have the darks underpainting (roadmap of my composition) done, and I'm not going to post it because I'm getting ready to leave for the Bay Area. So, I'll post an older couple of paintings instead. Last spring I started pastel painting en plein air for the first time. It is really hard!!! My goal was to do a little painting (about 9x6) in an hour. Later (after I aquired more pastels in more subtle shades) I did a larger one in the "studio" (which is really the kitchen counter), using my little painting and photographs as a reference. Here are those pictures. This is the view from the sand dunes of Washoe Lake, looking up at Slide Mountain. The spring snow is still there on the northern slopes, the willows are still russett colored from the freezing temperatures of winter, and the sage is starting to get fresh blue-green foliage.

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Sharon said...

I feel like at the optometrists office - #1 or #2? I prefer #1 for the raw energy - so there you have my vote.