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Friday, June 19, 2009

Morning in the Rose Garden

I did this painting two years ago. I practised the large rose four times on scratch paper before doing this. It was a big accomplishment for me back then. Roses are so complicated and maze-like. But the practise paid off, and I understand how to do them now. I entered this painting in a little local show to commemorate the re-opening of our town rose garden. I won first place! I won two rose bushes, which are in my garden and have grown very large and have huge blooms with yellow centers and pink edges. So, I decided to post this older painting, because it makes me think of my Mom. I painted it with her in mind back then, and her love of her little rose garden. Tomorrow morning my daughter and I are driving out to see her for a couple of days and care for the house and her little dog. My sister has been there, and I assume all is going well with Mom's therapies.

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LIZ said...

Beautiful! Well, of course you won first place, duuuuhh!!! Glad your Mom is doing well.