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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Touching Up Previous Plein Air Paintings

"Ridgetop Lake" 8 x 16 oil

It is encouraging to know that a well-known and successful plein air painter warns in his book that only about one in ten plein air paintings come out frameable as is and to not worry about it.

So far that is the case with me.  Lately, I've had some wonderful time in the studio and I have been touching up some of these paintings.  It has been great to have time and a controlled environment to work out the problems with these paintings.  In the field we just don't have time because the light changes.

Some needed to be lightened up.  Some needed more contrast.  Some needed the focal area developed with edges and brighter colors.  The lake was a real problem because it was not lying flat and looking believable.  I printed the reference photos taken at the time the painting was done and it helped me a lot to see the lake in detail.  By the time I had finished this painting in the field, a breeze had changed the surface of the water, so I couldn't remember what it looked like when I began to paint.  
"Dusting of Snow" 6 x 6 oil
"Fall at the Creek"  8 x 10 oil
"At the Edge of the Park" 6 x 6 oil


ti-igra said...

Dear Carolyn! Hello! :) I am watching your new paintings and have so bright mood! They are wonderful - these blu-violet colors in one, flowing water and darkness among branches in another - are very talented!
I am so happy you are painting on air!
Please, sorry me for a long silence!

I want to say wishes for your Birthday (sorry again that so late) but you always in my thoughts and in my heart!
Wish you be healthy and strong. And best wishes for all your family!

And HUUUGS!!!!!! :D Your friend, Ira.

ti-igra said...

Oh!!! And I am in love of your LAKE!!!!!!! It is so beautiful! I can not stop watching this landscape!