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Friday, August 14, 2009

Painting Wine Bottles and Wine in a Glass

This was day three and the last day of Karen Honaker's workshop. She did a lot of demonstrating for us, and many of us wanted to learn by watching, so we didn't get that far on our paintings. But we learned so much! Some things just should be watched first. Then we'd rush back and do as much as we could before the next demo. I probably should have left the grapes alone until I came home, because once I started, I couldn't stop because the mixed colors were on my palette and my next area was to be the green bottle and there was no room for me to mix that. So, I had to finish the grapes, so that set me back. So, I've almost got my bottles all done. I wanted to make sure the colors and values were right before I did the "very special method" of lifting out the highlights and reflections on the glass. But I know how to do it from the demos, so tomorrow at home, I can try it.

This was a great workshop. Everyone enjoyed it and learned so much. I had a blast.

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Sharon said...

Shoot - I like it right now, as is.