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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sketching bottles

I'm attending a watercolor workshop next week with Karen Honaker ( We will be learning how to paint glassware and bottles and the reflections and transparencies of them. This is very timely for me! Not only is the subject a challenge for me, I also would like to learn a little more about still life (like, what arrangements and shapes and sizes are good, and which are boring or don't work). Anyway, I need to assemble my materials and practise sketching bottles from photos, so I can concentrate on those complicated refracted light shapes.

We have cool temperatures today! (a high of 73). It is a very welcome change from the high 90's. I finished my socks the other day and blocked them. (I don't plan to wear wool yet, but I'm getting ready for winter!).

Hey, where did these guys come from? This is what I do with left-over yarn and fleece. I make funny little sheep ornaments.

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