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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tomorrow I will have a picture to post!

Today was the first day of the Karen Honaker workshop. She set up five still lifes with wine bottles, grapes, wine glasses, olive oil bottles, and other gourmet things. We took pictures from various angles, then she had us view them on our computers (or hers) and cropped them and determined which were the best composition. We were looking at shapes, negative spaces, darks and lights, and patterns that were pleasing to the eye. Then we printed our photo and either projected it on the wall and traced the shapes on our paper taped to the wall, or made a grid and enlarged it by hand-drawing.

Tomorrow we start painting. Should be fun. She has some new tricks of the trade to show us.

P.S. Pixie made it. It took two days of bunny intensive care, but she made it. She is still on a special greens diet for a week or so. It is so good to see her hopping around and playing again.


LIZ said...

Glad to hear Pixie is recovering!
The workshop sounds very valuable! I could use some of that!

Mim said...

Good going on Pixies part. I know how hard it is to get them over a hair ball. My bunnies like a piece of banana now and then to help push hair threw their systems. When I open a banana the whole group of bunnies come running. They know the scent and all come to attention waiting for their piece! Sounds like a great class you are taking.

Carolyn said...

Hi Liz & Mim, yeah, bunnies are fragile in that department. And you are right about bananas. If they smell it in the air they go crazy!