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Thursday, January 13, 2011

"Catalina" a pastel painting

I had it in my mind to do this painting a little impressionistic, and I think it came out that way. I am learning Adobe Photoshop to crop and adjust my photos of my art.  Sometimes pastel doesn't photograph the way it looks in person, especially if you allow the paper to show through.  I always photograph my work in natural light, but this particular piece looked washed out.  I used the autofix feature and it really made this painting look great without changing it much.  It restored the contrast that was washed out. 


ti-igra said...

I am so impressed! How soft! This is a nice summer sunny day, it is something enigmatic. Beautiful colors, Carolyn!

I'm really love the haze, as if someone Big is breathes and creates a mood around - of warmth and comfort, freshness, dreaminess! This is very beautiful! And this boat in front! Wow! :-))))

Euphoria said...

What a good idea, C!
This image gives me so much peace!!!

Linda said...

Holy cow Carolyn! That is beautiful!! I love impressionist paintings and yours is quite lovely indeed! I'd gladly trade a felted scarf or a handspun/handwoven scarf for that picture! let me know what colors and fibers you are interested in and I will make whatever you want! It's beautiful - BRAVO!

Carolyn said...

Thanks ladies! Linda, what a great offer! Hmmm, we'll have to talk!