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Friday, January 21, 2011

More on "painting watercolor on aquabord"

Here are some detail shots of different areas of the peonies I am painting on "aquabord".  I am trying various watercolor techniques I am familiar with and have used on Arches coldpress watercolor paper.  It is turning out to be a totally different animal.  You do not get that look of paint that sinks into the paper, nor the soft, subtle self-blending of wet paint side-by-side.  Aquabord dries faster, so the self-blending is limited.  After I took off the liquid mask, I am re-wetting the hard edges around the mask and trying to blend the petals.  In the top detail you can see where I've done some of the outer petals.  I seem to be pushing the paint around on top of the board and getting unwanted streaks. 

I think it is like any new paper or product you try - you have to experiment.  You have to try different ways than you are used to - to get the effect you want.  This board is fairly large and it will take me a while - days - to learn on it and make this into a painting.

One more thing about this board - if I don't like what I've done - there is an option to put it under the kitchen faucet and wash it all off - and start all over on white board again!  Yes!  They claim you can do this!  Go right back to white!


Ron said...

These watercolors are great!

So are you the first to be on the Nevada daily painters?

Carolyn said...

Hi Ron - Thanks! And, yes, I am the first and Ida is the second for our State - thanks to your blog about CFAI and how you joined. It is additional motivation!!!!!

Euphoria said...

Beautiful colors!!! I don´t use mask, but I do like it when I see it in your work. Please don´t wash these beautiful works!!!!