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Sunday, January 23, 2011

"Window Into the Past" watercolor pencils and watercolor

I think I am addicted to drawing and painting old barns and buildings with watercolor pencils and watercolor.  I am starting a series (this is my third) of scenes from the ghost town of Bodie, California.  I am now using a thicker drawing paper from a sketchbook by Aquabee.  It accepts light washes well and has better tooth for the pencils. 

This medium is very clean and portable to work with and I don't require an easle or a large area.  So, I will be doing this type of work on my babysitting days for my new little grandson while he sleeps. 


Rhonda said...

This piece is lovely, Carolyn! I lived in Reno, NV for 22 years, and always loved visiting Bodie! I love old barns as well. I'm a new follower. :-)

Sharon said...

I wish Blogger gave us the same option as Facebook - to Like. I like.

ti-igra said...

Carolyn, I admire your works! :-) This picture is very realistic and beautiful in colours and the composition - so correct and very interesting to look on the details, to feel an air of this old hous and old times! I love it!!! :-))))

Carolyn said...

Thank you Rhonda, Sharon and Ti-Igra!