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Monday, February 13, 2012

"Canyon Walls" pastel painting

11 x 14

I finished this one today.  Wow, this one really charged me up!  I forced myself to go slow and I worked a little at a time and then would go across the room and sit down and view it and analyze what I had done and what area to move to next.  I would go to bed thinking about it, wake up thinking about it.  I am happy with it.  I think by moving slowly I was able to take my vision and carefully place it on the board.  Sometimes it is fun to work fast and spontaneously, but sometimes when you want your values right, your warms and cools right, your complimentary colors right, I need to go slow.


Sharon said...

That was a fun sequence! I do like the purple.

ti-igra said...

My dear friend!!! Carolyn! I see you painted this picture with big love! And this picture radiates LOVE :) I feel air, Big rocks around! Wow! And small bushes, their shadows! Colours are awesome!

I want to stay there and I can do it thanks for this picture! You had done the next masterpiece!