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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Pastels are calling me!

Well, I put my "in progress" watercolor canyon painting on the mantle to analyze it.  My husband and I both agree it looks better up close than from across the room.  The mantle is high, and viewing it is going to be from a distance.  It just isn't working right now.  Maybe I'll start over on the back side of the paper.  But for now....the pastels are calling!  The watercolor project fueled the desire to paint a different scene I photographed on that trip to Moab, Utah.

I started with a watercolor underpainting.  Now I am adding pastel.  You can still see the watercolor areas on the right side and bottom.  I want to go slow with this and be sensitive to the watercolor shapes that did their own thing...rather than trying to copy the photo exactly.

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Euphoria said...

Oh my! I must learn from you.