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Monday, February 20, 2012

"Sunset on the Canyon" pastel over watercolor on Arches paper

full size watercolor sheet

Every other day I did a little on this painting, and would put it over the fireplace for a day or two to analyze.  The challenge for me was 1) painting large, and 2) doing pastel on Arches 150 lb cold press paper with a watercolor painting on it (not much grit for the pastel to stick to); and 3) the paper had warped areas from the previous watercolor.

How I dealt with this was to tape it all the way around to the work board, and being more careful when applying pastel.  You can't do big swipes across the paper when it is warped!  So I had to do shorter and more carefully placed strokes.  This can lead to tightness, but, oh, well.  You can't have everything!

I supposed there are some areas I could tidy up a bit, but I signed it (because I'm done with it!)  I'm generally very happy with this experiment.  The complexity of expansive canyons is not easy.  My hand and eye got lost in those canyons just like I probably would have in real life hiking them!  I think it was a good exercise that I will benefit from when I do future canyon paintings.


Sharon said...

Beautiful. I get the depth, I can smell nature, feel the warmth on my face. Just beautiful.

Euphoria said...

I see (and read) a lot of effort here. I guess you dreamed of this painting more than once. Am I wrong?

Carolyn said...

Hi Sharon and Kira! Yes, I've thought of this scene and how I wanted to try painting it. I may do another one before too long. I figure that the more I do the same thing, the more familiar I will be with the subject and be able to painting it almost subliminally.

ti-igra said...

Hello, Carolyn!!!! :)
I love your big pastel! :) This is a real quite place and I feel, how you were hiking there!!! :)))
Such a biiig air! To thinking and to be in dreamy mood! :)))

P.S. My friend,you have awarded with favorit blog!!! :))) See in my new post :) HURRAAAAAY!!!!!!! :P