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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Another Day at the Pool...

My husband came back from his meeting earlier today. I was almost done with this, so decided to quit anyway. It probably could use a little finishing touches...oh well. Blending with fingers is a no-no. I actually did this in the bar area (indoors) this morning. Canson paper doesn't hold very much pastel. I couldn't exactly tap it anywhere or blow I pushed it in with my finger. Then I took it back to my room when I had a build-up of loose pastel that just had to go away. Thanks to the balcony, it just goes away. Now that I look at this painting here, I see the lounge chairs are out of proportion. Heee Hee, must be for little children!!! I did capture the blues and aquas. I might do a "real" painting from this at home. So, this is where we hang out every afternoon!!! Not too shabby. Are you jealous?

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