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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Geranium Painting

Snow Day - no class for me! Well, yesterday the weather reports upped their prediction to Winter Storm Warning, and then Winter Storm Advisory...predicting as much as a foot of snow on the pass and gusty winds blowing it around in areas, making visibility dangerous. So, I stayed home, and, wouldn't you know it - it didn't hit as early as they thought. Oh well. Better safe than sorry, right? I might have had trouble getting home. I've done the Highway 80 trip in a blizzard before and it is no picnic...and I have a dinner to go to tonight...
Margot is helping me out via e-mail. I sent her a picture of what I did today and she will critique it for me.
This is the first layer of color blocked in with darks and lights. Funny, now that I see it on screen I can see my window grill is sagging under the weight of the pot! I didn't intend that - I think I better straighten it out on my next go-around.

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