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Thursday, February 19, 2009


Yesterday I drove post-snow storm to class. Not a bad drive. Some areas still being cleared and slow, but I only left 10 minutes earlier and still had plenty of time. I finished "Geranium" in class, but added finishing touches this morning at home. I'm very happy with it. I learned more about cast shadows and the patterns they make. Gotta quit before I kill it. I always get jazzed after a class. I wanted to paint when I got home....but my car was a mess from the splatter, so I had to wash it. I want to paint some more today, but I really have to start packing for our trip to Cancun on Saturday. My husband has a course to attend there, but gets off at noon. So I have mornings to paint. I have a mini pastel box (really a craft bead box) and will tape La Carte and Kitty Wallis paper to pages in a sketch book with a layer of glassine paper stuck in for protection against smearing. I'm taking the laptop and my digital camera. If all works well there, I'll post my pictures each day. In the afternoon we have a couple of snorkel excursions. One is to snorkel in a shoreline cave. The picture in the brochure looked like something from Pirates of the Caribbean. Looks like fun.

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