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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Now this looks weird!

OK, so I had this maroon colored Colorfix pastel paper. I thought "maybe it would be good under a lot of green and gold in a landscape." I blocked in my darks with a deep dark blue and used turp to give it a wash look. You can see my rocks in the creek. Then I started putting in colors....this is really strange looking so far. Stay tuned... we'll see how this develops!

I went horseback riding up a canyon below Mount Rose called Thomas Creek. We meandered through aspens in all their golden glory, as we followed the babbling creek. It was a GORGEOUS ride! I am so "into" fall and the colors right now. All my paintings are about fall. This weird creek painting hopefully will have golden colored willows by the stream, and the reflection of gold in the water.


Mystic Thistle said...

I'm really loving your plein air work. And I can't believe you do things like ride horseback and then paint outside. That is so awesome! And it makes me feel like I got to go on a little adventure just to read about it.

Carolyn Jean Thompson said...

Thanks Chris Tea. That is really encouraging. Plein air is very strange and hard for me. It is so different than working from photos. And I'm glad you enjoy my adventures! Keep up the painting and enjoy life!