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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Continuing with the ferns

I am working on Canson paper, on the smooth side.  I'm also working with hard pastels and working on a table instead of an easle, doing light cross-hatching and other such strokes.  It is a slower method, but as long as I'm in no rush, and enjoying working outside on the patio, listening to the birds and seeing them visit the birdfeeder - who cares?

Summer!  So many things to do and enjoy:  yardwork, riding my horse, taking my Mom on outings, barbeques, eating meals outside, buying berries and peaches at the farmer's market....are you enjoying summer too?


ti-igra said...

Hello, Carolyn! :-)
THis is a so wonderful pastel!!! WOW!!!! I impresed! How you made this details! Colors simply superb! These subtle shades of warm and cold colors! They are very nice! And I wanted to talk you some story from Slavic mythology about fern! (Fern in Rus is often called the gap-grass, and believed that a single touch of its flower is enough to open any lock, break the iron chains and shackles.)

According to the myth, this flower blooms for very short time on the eve of the Ivan Kupala Day(night from 24-25 June, Midsummer). The flower would bring fortune to the person who finds it. In various versions of the tale the fern flower brings luck, wealth,be invisible or the ability to understand animal, trees, herbs speech. However, to break, according to tradition, the flower of fern difficult and dangerous. First, growing flowers at midnight just for a moment and immediately cut short the invisible hand of the evil spirit. Secondly, the spirits of darkness, cold and death was admitted to the horrors and the brave can take him in a land of darkness and death ...

In Ukraine now a hot summer! Very hot, 95 degree F and more on the sun! On this weekend I eat strawberries, which my mother grew up in the garden! This is really a great season! Thank you, Carolyn for such a great topic! :-)))
Wish you have a beautiful days with birds and nature!

Euphoria said...

Hello C!
I´m enjoying autumn down here, using scarfs and watching the World Cup.
I see summer inspires you and all your activities sound great. I would love to see your horse.

Carolyn Jean Thompson said...

Hi Ti-Igra and Kira! Kira, I forgot you are in autumn now! Ti-Igra, I enjoyed the myth about ferns very much! Thank you for telling me about it.

ti-igra said...

O! Carolyn, I very glad that you enjoyed this story, I felt in your ferns something really magical! And share with you! Very-very beautiful! I looking and looking again and again! :)