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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Painting at Lake Tahoe

9 x 12 pastel

Today my painting friend and I went over the hill to Sand Harbor to paint.  We got there early, but gradually, the families of vacationers came to enjoy this gorgeous park at the Lake.  Several kids of all ages came by on their way to climb on the boulders and hike on the point, and I got many compliments from these young folks.  One 8-year-old boy in particular won my heart - he said - "That is the best work I have ever seen in my whole life!"  Love it!

Another little girl about 3-yrs-old really wanted to paint with me and asked her mom if "we could share".

You never know if you might inspire a very young person and change their life....

1 comment:

ti-igra said...

Really, so nice!!!!! I am so glad for you, Carolyn! It is always nice to hear and I like when people comes and looks at your painting and talk with you - I think, this is a very good sign!
Once one little girl came to me and present me her pink barrette hair :D

Your pastel is really!!! Very alive and has spirit of that day and that state of nature!

Happy for you! thanks for such wonderful story!