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Monday, July 2, 2012

Using my computer to analyze my painting progress

In progress.....not done yet....

I needed a break from the landscape painting, and I needed to go into a cocoon of another world, listen to zen music, koto and flute...and...paint fish.  Just shut out the world and the deadlines for art show entries, and  just meditate on the fish and the water an light reflections.

Even though I worked up close on a drafting board, I still would take many breaks and put it up on the easel and step back to analyze how it was coming.

I seem to start out with a lot of detail, but then smudge the excess detail out closer to the end...when I have determined what detail is the "eye catcher" and what should be "blurry" and not as important to the painting.

I still need another way to look at it.  I'll turn it upside down, and I'll look through a mirror.  And now, I will look at it on the computer....and see what needs work.

So, here it is - a work in progress -

1 comment:

☆sapphire said...

Love this painting!! You really made my day!