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Friday, February 12, 2010

Finished! "Oh Mountain, Awaken and Shed Your Wintery Cloak!"

Yay!  I finished it.  I actually did it entirely in one day.  I am so glad.  I can come home from my trip and if it needs tweaking, I can do so.  If not, I'll sign it.

Now I have time to pack!  Like Ti-Igra says, "I'll be dancing with a flower in my hair" (and a pina colada in my hand). 

So, this is being posted on my travel day.  Cheers! 


LIZ said...

How lovely! I think I like this one better than the watercolor. Happy Hawaii!

ti-igra said...

Hurrey!!! :))))
Carolyn! Great job! You did it! Hey-ho!
I'm so happy with you!
My emotions are all out :-)

Let's dance! :-)