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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Oh Mountain, Awaken! A pastel painting in progress

This is the same painting as posted a few posts before, only this is the pastel version.  I started with a watercolor wash on white PastelBord, then used pastel pencil to block in my shapes in.  Next, I worked from top to bottom, trying to match the values and hues that worked so well in the watercolor version.  I am using the watercolor painting as my reference now, the photo has been put away.

I don't want to rush, but I really want to finish it by tomorrow night because we are going to Hawaii the next morning.  I hate leaving a half-worked piece, because when I come home I don't know where to pick up from and many times I lose the train of thought and the art flow.

Hawaii will be nice tho!  Not complaining!  This time we are checking bags so I will take a larger watercolor paint kit, and the computer.  So I plan to post some "artist's vacation paintings".


ti-igra said...

Hello, Carolyn!
You will finish it! So much work already done. All good. Mountains are awaking! :-) They are very alive and I like them color - brownish-crimson-! Snow with cold half-shadows just wonderful!
And Hawaii - Wow!!! You will dance on the coast with a flower in your hair :)
Relax and listen to the sound of water and wind!

Sharon said...

Love your work Carolyn. Ian and I started checking bags a couple years ago - much less stressfull.

LIZ said...

Wonderful. I'm glad you'll finish your painting before your trip so I can see!! Have a wonderful time away from the cold!

Ida M. Glazier said...

Hey, got your comment on my blog and it was great to hear back from you!!! I had hoped you'd want to do something this summer, spring, or fall!! Maybe plein-air in Hope Valley on our own, I do love that. Have fun in Hawaii! my email is use it! Ida