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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Oh, how I have missed painting!

Tomorrow is going to be my day (after I pack for our upcoming trip!).  I'm going to paint!  Finally! I had a little beloved pet get sick for 5 days, was a nurse trying to get him better, then upon taking him to the vet, nothing more could be he was put to sleep peacefully.  I was sad and glum for days.  My Mom needed help doing shopping and getting her medications refilled.  My husband was on 24-hour-call over this weekend and we lost sleep, then he would come home during the day and interact with me.  So, sometimes painting just doesn't quite fit into the day.  So, "tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya - tomorrow, you're only a day away!!!!"


Ida M. Glazier said...

Hey Carolyn, I have enjoyed reading your blog---Great job writting your thoughts!!! Its like an echo. You know what I mean, too. I believe we have met, at the Lorenzo chavez clinic last October---I live on that old ranch we painted the chemise on!! Enjoyed meeting you, too. You sure do a lot of artwork!!! My blog is Join me there!! Ida

ti-igra said...

Carolyn, this song about tomorrow - very positive and optimistic!
Keep it up! :-)


Carolyn said...

Hi Ida and Ti-igra! Thanks for your encouragement.

Ida, yes, we were in the Chavez class together! I will visit your blog from now on! So glad to hear from you. Hey, are you signed up for the Richard McKinley workshop in Hope Valley this fall? I got on the list right away. Hopefully a group of us can rent a cabin.

LIZ said...

So sorry to hear you lost one of your little ones. I can certainly relate!