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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

...There is so much snow melt, you can see the trees growing!

Continuing on with this painting - I am adding the texture of the trees on the mountains.  I am using various flat brushes at up and sideways angles to create an evergreen-like shape.  Now and then I mask around a new patch of trees with pieces of paper and then mist them with a fine spray bottle so they diffuse a little.  I also try to change the color of the greens often as I go. 

When I lived in Hawaii on the rainy side of the island, everything was lush and green, you never had to water your garden.  So there was a saying "Things grow so fast here, you can look out your window and see the lawn growing."  It was true.  We had an acre of landscaped yard and lawn.  I would mow the lawn in sections, it took me days.  By the time I finished, it was time to start mowing the first section again! 

1 comment:

ti-igra said...

Yes, the tree grows and looks very fresh an strong. :-)
Wow! We observe how trees are born and living in the mountains!
Very beatiful!
Tops with snow, as alive. Actually!
Thank you for interesting story, Carolyn!