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Monday, February 15, 2010

Hawaiian warmth requires you to paint fast!

We were naughty, because we went and sat in a cabana without making a reservation!  We got kicked out (nicely) when I was almost done with this painting.  I forgot how fast watercolor dries in Hawaii!  So this is like a quick sketch.

This is more washed out (no pun intended) than the painting is in reality.  I'm not used to taking pictures with a mini camera with no viewfinder!  And this is the very first time I tried out Adobe Photoshop, so I haven't figured out how to intensify the colors yet.  It is like starting all over again!  Learning new stuff!  It never ends!!!


ti-igra said...

Hello, Carolyn!
I see you in Hawaii fun and interesting! This is great!
I see the coast and clear, sunny sky! Beautiful watercolor! Broadcasts mood day in Hawaii! Warm, such that dries instantly watercolor :)
Carolyn, I wish you enjoy working with Photoshop and a camera. Also drawing and enjoy the process! :-)

Carolyn said...

Hi Ti-igra! Yes, I'm having fun. I will soon post another painting. First I have to do another one after lunch. And there is a Koi pond, I want to paint fish too. I hope I have time to do all these things...