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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

From Landscape Painting to Figure Painting!

I am very intimidated by the challenge of figure and portrait drawing and painting!  That is why there are no people in my paintings.  But, I am rising to the occasion to paint sock monkeys doing various things like riding a bicycle, floating in a hot-air balloon, and other assorted activities!  Why?  Because I am helping my daughter decorate her nursery for the new baby due in January. 

First I had to make the sock monkey.  Not hard, but you do need the RIGHT socks and directions from Rockford Red Heel Socks.  (For my friends from other countries - Sock Monkeys go back to 1880 in Iowa.  There are websites and blogs devoted to the Sock Monkey - watch out!  They are addictive!)

OK, now I have my model - I can pose him and paint from life!
... to be continued ... 


ti-igra said...

Oh, Carolyn! What a cute sock monkey! So adorable!
I read the story, very interesting, I never knew that! This is so cool! At one site were photos - the monkey journey, how sock monkey wrote a book, how it published on the magazine cover ... if alive:))) so cool! Sooo funny!!!

Here "hello" for monkey from me! :)

Wish you and your daughter have a good time - great days!

Susan said...

I can so relate to figure painting. The sock monkey project sounds like fun and just may knock the edge off your resistance. Have fun!

Sharon said...