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Monday, November 29, 2010

A little sketch of "Beach Memories"

Thanksgiving left-overs are done, the baby shower a fun day, and now my obligations are fewer!  Today I did a little sketch of treasures we found on the beaches of past vacations - watercolor and colored pencils.


ti-igra said...

Wow, Carolyn! It is unsurpassed.
The feeling of days that have elapsed and the feeling that tomorrow will be wonderful day!
These tiny "houses" become treasures, memories of days and emotions. They are absorbed in: smell of the ocean, sun and depths.
This series of your last sketches - amazing!!!! I Love it very much! :)

Euphoria said...

I love all the beachy paintings, I actually have one large painting in three diffferent frames in my room. I see the ocean everytime I wake up and go to sleep.
I would love to see some more beachy projects!!!

Carolyn said...

Hi Ti and Kira, I do have more shells and things I could sketch! Maybe I will - so I can forget how cold (brrrrr) it is right now!

LIZ said...

A sketch huh? Looks finished to me! It is a lovely reminder of warmer days.