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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sock Monkey goes skiing ....

I think I'll just keep it to three nursery paintings and put the last canvas away.  I'm running out of time.  The baby shower is Saturday and Thanksgiving is inbetween!  I'm cooking this year for Mom, my daughter and her hubby (and of course my own hubby!). 

The next painting will be ..... maybe a small watercolor, using a small travel palette .... since my dining table is the Thanksgiving table, I have taken all my art stuff out of the dining room and stashed it away.  Maybe I'll do ornamental corn, or squash or something Thanksgiving-ish. 

We had two nights of snow.  The wild birds are happy I have a feeder going for them.  I love to look out from the dining table and watch them.

1 comment:

ti-igra said...

Hello, Carolyn!!! :-)))

This is an excellent illustration! I see, you admired painting adventure of sock monkey! And I see dog and bunny on your previous illustration! They are so warm and so cute!!! They are filled with your love! I love them all! :-)

I see you happy, this is so cool!