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Friday, November 12, 2010

A Quick Study of Desert Plants - Pastel

Today I really wanted to go to the "Living Desert" park, but it is too breezy and cool right now.  the Living Desert is a little zoo and also a nature park with arboretum desert-style, with wonderful little paths to explore.  I love that place.  It is a wonderful photo-op place, but with the breeze blowing plants, the pictures may not come out very good. 

So, we are doing the vacation thing - doodling around.  I put up one of my photos on the computer and did a quick study here.  I'm trying to use the side of the square pastel sticks to suggest the plants.  It is challenging to do a curved shape this way.  The yucca plants at the bottom have triangular shapes to their leaves, but they have a slight curve to it.  The cholla in the middle of the picture was really hard.  They are full of spines which give them a fuzzy look, but the plant has curved branches.  Maybe with more practise and experimentation I can be successful at how I want it to look.


ti-igra said...

Carolyn, your getting started is very cool!!! These plants are in the middle - they even look like spring snowdrops! You are so interesting telling about plants, I love plants! Thank you!!!

The feeling of space - if we go up and up and will soon see the sky!

And these color combinations - light-pink-dove-colored and light green-turquoise - are sooo interesting and even different from color gammas you did last time! We are waiting for continuation :)))))
And wish you wonderful weather, Carolyn! Relax! :)))

Ron Mylar said...

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